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Hi, everyone. I am currently writing the last book in the Adventures of Dylan Davis series and I need your help. The kids need to raise $50,000. Now here’s where you can help. Do you have any ideas that they could do as a fundraiser? Oh, and by the way, hopefully, nothing illegal. This is a children’s series.

Band of Thieves – Book Three

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Band of Thieves is the third book in the Adventures of Dylan Davis Series and is free today only, on Amazon. Grab your free copy, but please, don’t forget to leave a review.

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Available at – Click here

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While working as a dog walker, Jadin sees one of her customers stealing a car. Jadin, Dylan, and Alex follow him to an abandoned warehouse and find out he works for a large band of thieves. They steal cars and strip them to sell as parts. Can Jadin, Dylan and Alex uncover the truth before they get caught by the thieves?

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Wings Unfolded – Release Date December 29, 2015

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For those of you wondering when Wings Unfolded will be released, I’m projecting December 29, 2015. Right now I’m spending each day editing, hoping to be done by the deadline. It was a thrill to write this book for Cece Higgins who had this idea stuck in her head for years. When she shared her idea with me, I knew it was to good to ignore, so I wrote this book for her during NaNoWriMo. I hope you like it Cece. I posted this book as each chapter was written and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Day 32 – Wings Unfolded


This is my final post for Wings Unfolded. This book is finished and now it’s time for editing. A little magic and voila, I’ll have a finished product. Here’s the last chapter, enjoy:

Chapter 33

“I think that’s enough!” Torn yelled out for everyone on the mesa to hear. Shovels were laid down as everyone gathered around Torn to admire their work. Talon did a final inspection after Soron completed the final dry with one quick breath.

“Great job everyone, it looks completely sealed. Thank you for your help,” Talon said wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Red can you create enough water to clean all the tools?” he asked.

“I sure can,” Red said.

“Once all the tools are cleaned, we need everyone, to please pitch in one more time and return them,” Talon said surveying the group. “Torn can you load the elevators back onto the truck and take them back. Hopefully, no one has noticed they were missing.”

Torn nodded to Talon and began carrying the elevators to the bottom of the mesa where the transport truck was still parked. Each person gathered up everything they borrowed and returned them to the ranches. Once everything was gone from the top of the mesa, Talon went back to the hospital zone to find Star. When he got there, everything was gone. She must have headed home, he thought. He made a quick stop at the face of the cave-in to check on the surface. Talon was amazed at the craftsmanship as he stood on the ledge. He couldn’t even tell where the opening once was. Satisfied that the colony was well protected, he headed home.

Talon, still unsure of the elevator used the spiral staircase to climb to the third level. He could hear Star and Moon’s voice on the second floor, but never stopped to say hi, instead he went straight to his room to have a shower.

His hair was still wet when he entered the kitchen. Moon had stopped talking when she saw him which made him think she was talking about him. “Hi babe,” he said giving Star a kiss on the forehead while shooting daggers from his eyes towards Moon. Moon knew she had him right where she wanted him. She was finally able to live in the house she was meant to be in. It’s just too bad she had to share it with Talon and Star.

“How’s everything with the cave-in,” Star asked him.

“It’s secure. Everyone did an excellent job including Moon,” he said wishing he hadn’t. He hated trying to be nice to someone who he loathed.

“I better go clean up too,” Moon said leaving Talon and Star alone in the kitchen.

“How are you feeling Star?” he asked her as he lifted the lid of the pot on the stove.

“I feel fine,” she said. “Everyone has been healed and safely in their homes.”

“Good,” Talon said looking over his shoulder to make sure Moon wasn’t lurking nearby. “Don’t you think it’s time Moon moved out?”

“Why? I like having her here. I think it’s time we got to know each other,” she said searching his eyes.

“You can still do that even if she doesn’t live her,” he said knowing he was going to lose this one.

“I think we need this time, we’ve been apart for way to long. We both have deep wounds that need to heal and I believe that we need each other to do that,” she said. Star didn’t want to tell him that her mother said they both needed each other, he probably wouldn’t believe her. Talon decided to give up the battle before Moon came back and walked in on them.

Trying to change the subject, Star said, “I made a pot of chili. I hope you’re hungry.”

“I sure am,” Talon replied. He had no idea how to convince her that Moon was nothing but trouble. Hopefully, she will show her true colours so Star can see for herself and throw her sorry ass out. For now he would have to play nice, even though it was against his better judgment.

Star handed Talon a bowl of chili, “I’m excited, tonight’s Festival Night.”

“Yes, it is. I completely forgot about it,” Talon said taking another spoonful. He quickly finished his chili and put his empty bowl in the dishwasher. “Do you want to go check it out?”

“Sure,” Star said finishing her bowl of chili.

The colony was always full of excitement the day of Festival Night. Talon and Star helped the organizers set up tables and exhibits.

When they were done, they headed to Talon’s parents home for the final pie testing. She always wanted the family’s approval before the competition. This year it was a surprise. She wanted them to guess what the ingredients were, knowing they couldn’t name them all. Hopefully, she would retain her title and not lose it to her neighbor Leaf Whitbrow. She was always snooping around trying to find out Cambri’s recipes.

Cambri cut a piece of pie for them to try. “That’s delicious, mom,” Talon said.

“You’re not just saying that because I’m your mother are you?” Cambri asked.

“No,” Talon replied grateful that his mother was the best baker in the colony and he didn’t have to lie to her. Speaking of lies, I wonder if now’s the right time, he thought as he finished his piece. He looked around the room trying to judge what they would think when he told them. He pictured Star walk out and not want anything to do with him. Then he saw his parents, they shunned him too. He had to give his head a shake to come back to reality.

“What’s wrong?” Star asked touching his hand.

He was afraid to answer her, but if he didn’t, they would know he was hiding something. Hopefully, he was about to do the right thing. He had to do it before Moon opened her big mouth and blabs it to everyone in the colony. “I need to talk to you,” Talon said with his head down.

“Go on son,” Kirk said.

“Not here,” Talon said lifting his head. He grabbed some carrots and apples placing them in a bag. Talon lead Star and his parents away from the colony. He wanted to be somewhere private so he could talk to them without prying eyes or ears. They landed in a field with wild horses.

“They’re beautiful,” Star said reaching out to pet one of them. The horses were used to members of the colony landing by them and didn’t run away.

“I don’t think this is why you brought us out here to pet the wild horses,” Kirk said watching his son.

“You’re right dad. I have something to tell you, but I wanted it to be private that’s why I brought you here.” Talon reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a picture. He stood there looking at it then handed it to his mom.

“He’s adorable, who is he?” Cambri asked.

“He’s my son,” Talon said waiting for the backlash but it never came. Instead, his mom passed the picture on to her husband and gave him a hug.

“How come we’ve never met him?” Kirk said studying the picture.

“He lives in Toronto with his mother,” Talon said as his eyes welled up with tears.

One of the wild horses nudged Talon knowing that he had food in the bag he was carrying. He handed it to Star so she could feed them. “I was afraid to tell you, I didn’t want to be banned from the colony. I got a job at night in Toronto to support him and it gave me an opportunity to see him once in a while. His mother and I knew it would never work out between us because of all the secrets I kept from her.”

“No wonder you were always so tired,” Cambri said. “How old is he? What’s his name?”

“He’s two years old and his name is River,” Talon said, grateful to finally tell them.

“So you don’t know yet if he has wings?” his father asked.

“No, I’m not sure what will happen if he does,” Talon replied.

“He won’t be able to stay in Toronto,” his father demanded. “If they find out, we could all be at risk.”

“I won’t let that happen dad. I’ll take care of it when the time comes,” Talon said.

“I want to see him,” Cambri said still looking at his picture. He has your eyes and your father’s chin,” She said smiling.

“And your smile,” Talon said watching his mother.

“Me too, I’d love to meet him,” Star said holding out another piece of carrot.

“I can arrange it when we migrate back to Ontario, for now he’s too far away,” Talon said petting one of the horses. He looked up at his mother, “I think we better get back before Festival Night begins. Don’t you have an award-winning pie that needs to be entered into the competition?” he asked putting his arm around her shoulders.

“I sure do,” Cambri said winking at her son.

They flew back to the colony. Talon knew he did the right thing by telling them. He was finally free, Moon had nothing to blackmail him with, Star never left him, and his parents still loved him.

Day 31 – Wings Unfolded


I thought this was going to be the last chapter, but apparently it’s not, maybe tomorrow. Remember this has not been edited. I will wait until the story is finally finished. Enjoy:

Chapter 32

“Is this one done?” Torn asked as he approached Moon and Talon cutting through the tension as he spoke.

“Almost,” Moon replied glaring back at Talon. He decided it was time to leave her alone. It was obvious she wasn’t going to listen and now he had another problem. He wished Star hadn’t told Moon about him working at the University. The last thing he needed now was Moon blabbing this to everyone. He knew she was holding this over his head as a type of blackmail to get whatever she wanted and for now what she wanted was to stay with her sister. Even though he didn’t like it, he had no choice but to let her stay. Talon went to check on the progress Torn was making.

Three years ago Chance was working on one of the farms owned by the colony. There were at least twenty people working in the fields that day. When it was time for Chance to take a break, he headed to woods instead. His bladder was full and he needed to let off some pressure. While he was standing there peeing against a tree, he noticed a bag. He had never seen one like this before. It had a strap on it so it could be carried on your shoulder. When he finished his business, Chance reached down and picked it up. He opened the zipper on the top and looked inside. He was surprised to see it was full of money. Mostly tens and twenties but there had to be at least four hundred in total. He knew it was money used by humans because he had seen it before when his father ran one of the farms and used money just like this to pay for supplies. Chance found a hiding place for the bag and decided that after work he would come back for it when no one else was around. Later that day he went back and stuffed his pockets with the money hiding the empty bag once again. That night he told Talon and North about it.

“What do you think I should do with it?” he asked Talon.

“I think we need a boys night out,” Talon said with an enormous smile on his face.

“Where?” Chance asked.

“In Toronto,” Talon said.

“I’m in,” North quickly replied. He had never been to Toronto and this would be fun to experience it with his friends.

“Okay, I guess we’re going to Toronto,” Chance said. “How about Friday night?”

“Sounds good,” Talon said. “Let’s meet at sundown. That way we won’t be seen flying.” The boys went about their business and met up again on Friday night. It was a quick half an hour flight. Talon spotted an area for them to land and motioned for them to follow him. They landed behind Jimmy’s Coffee shop on Portland Street and walked north to Adelaide Street West.

“There,” North said pointing to his right. “Let’s check that out.” They looked in the direction he was pointing and read the sign, The Devil’s Martini.

“Sounds good to me,” Chance said leading the way. His pockets stuffed full of the money he found.

 Little did Talon realize, what happened that night would affect the rest of his life. Their night started out innocently, three friends enjoying each others company telling jokes as they sampled the bar menu starting from the top and working their way to the bottom. Currently, they were testing a Caesar next would be a Cement Mixer made with Vodka, Irish Cream, and lime juice. It didn’t sound very appetizing, but they made a bet and the first person who doesn’t finish their drink had to clean the other guys houses. This was one bet Talon had no intention of losing until he saw a gorgeous brunette smiling across the room at him. It was starting to get crowded and he couldn’t see her anymore.

“I’ll be right back,” Talon said. He picked up his drink and made his way through the crowd to her table.

“Hi,” he said, thinking was that was all you could come up. She’s probably not even going to answer you, he thought. Instead, she grabbed the drink from his hand and set it on the table. With his empty hand in hers, she led him to the crowded dance floor. A fast upbeat song played, but he couldn’t even remember the tune. All he could remember was how she moved. He had never seen anyone dance like that in the colony. Her tight dress showed every curve she had as she moved to the beat of the music sometimes brushing up against him. He put his hands on her hips as she moved even closer to him. He could feel the heat from her body. Her perfume seemed to put a spell on him. The more he breathed it in, the more he was intoxicated by it. She leaned in and gave him a kiss, then another. The third one seemed to last forever. When their lips finally parted, gasping for air, she said, “let’s get out of here.”

He grabbed her hand and led her towards North and Chance. “I’ll see you guys later he said,” as they walked past.

“Aren’t you even going to introduce us,” North called out to him. Talon didn’t acknowledge that he heard him, he kept on walking with her in tow out of the bar.

Once outside he stopped and kissed her again feeling the passion rise within himself he would have taken her right there but a car passed them with the windows down. Someone from inside the car yelled out, “get a room.”

“I live close to here,” she said. They walked the two short blocks to her apartment. It was an older building with several apartments on the second and third floor. The main level housed 3 business, a coffee shop, dry cleaner and a convenience store.

She unlocked the door to her apartment before she could close the door Talon kissed her again. He reached for the zipper on her dress and slid it off her. With his foot outstretched behind him, he closed the door. He spent the next two days with her barely coming up for air. On Sunday afternoon he realized he had better get back to the colony. He dressed for the first time in two days. “I have to go,” he said even though his body was telling him not too.

“Here’s my number,” she said handing him a small piece of paper she had written on. She leaned in and kissed him again. He had to fight the urge to take her back into the bedroom one more time before he left. He pulled away from her and opened the door.

Before he left, he turned and said, “by the way, I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Carin,” she said wishing he didn’t have to go. “What’s yours?”

“Talon,” he said showing his dimples before he disappeared. He flew back the colony that night but couldn’t forget the girl met. She haunted him day and night. He began leaving the colony every Friday night so he could spend the weekend with her and returned Sunday nights. Most people didn’t realize he was gone except North and Chance. They vowed to keep his secret as long as he shared his wine with them.

The fourth weekend he spent with Carin was a little different. She seemed to be more distant and didn’t want to spend the entire weekend in bed.

“What’s wrong?” Talon asked as he put his arms around her. She pushed away and sat at the table holding her head.

“Let me in,” he pleaded with her, “what’s wrong?” he asked again.

“I’m pregnant,” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t even know you, your just some guy I picked up in a bar and had a few fun times with. And now I’m pregnant. I don’t even know if you work. You could be married for all I know. I only see you on weekends.

Talon had no answers for her. He was in shock too. He couldn’t tell her where he lived or even the fact that he wasn’t really human. She would probably faint if he showed her his wings. He had to make a choice, to leave the colony and live with her and his unborn child and never be allowed to see his parents again, or stay in the colony and lead a double life that no one would know about. He chose the latter so he could have a little of both rather than choosing one or the other. Talon applied for a job at the University of Toronto as a janitor. He would work the night shift which was perfect for him. No one in the colony would even know he was gone. They would assume he was sleeping not working. This way he could support his child and be in their life on a part-time basis and still be able to see his parents and belong to the colony.

Eight months later his son was born. He is now two years old and getting into everything. Since he became a father, Talon stopped migrating with the others. This is the first time he has been away from his son since he was born. It’s too soon to know if he will have wings or not, but when he gets older, if he does Talon’s not sure what he’ll do. He never shared the fact that he could fly with his son’s mother and always warned her if he needed medical attention to let him know first. He didn’t want the world to find out if he did have wings. His fate would be the same that Star suffered and he couldn’t risk them finding out about the colony.

One thing he did do was carry a cell phone with him in case she ever called. He would charge it while he was at work. So far no one has ever seen him with it. He keeps it on vibrate so no one can hear it. It now resides hidden in his dresser in Canada. He thought of bringing it with him but wasn’t sure where he would charge it. He had no idea where they would be living. Once a week he snuck into town and called to make sure everything was okay and talked to River even though he didn’t say much he always recognized his father’s voice.

Talon always felt sorry for not telling his parents that they had a grandson. He knows they would be thrilled. I’m sure they would love him and vice verse. It was a secret he kept from everyone in the colony and one that he would continue to keep as long as possible. If the elders found out, they would ban him from the colony and he couldn’t take that risk of never seeing his parents again.

If he were going to continue this relationship with Star, one day he would have to tell her about River.


Day 30 – Wings Unfolded


Although I have finished my NaNoWriMo journey and my 50,000 words, my book is not complete. I figure this chapter plus one more should do it. Then I can begin the editing process and hopefully have it published soon. Enjoy:

Chapter 31

“What’s the plan for today?” North asked Talon over breakfast. North and Moon have been staying with them ever since the battle with the cougars and Star had no intention of asking them to leave. She thought it was nice having the additional company around, besides the house was plenty big enough for all of them. When she wanted to be alone with Talon, they just retreated to her suite. Her master suite was larger than most homes and provided them many comforts. What she didn’t realize was that Talon disagreed with her and didn’t want Moon staying with them. He knew she was trouble and was always afraid of what would happen next. If he got a chance later today, he would ask her to move out.

“I have to go back to the hospital zone and finish healing the wounded,” Star said buttering a piece of toast.

“I’m going back to the cave-in to make sure it’s stable. Torn will be there to help, anyone else want to come along?” Talon asked.

“Count me in,” North said rinsing off his empty plate and putting it in the dishwasher. He wasn’t used to having modern conveniences and was happy to stay as long as they let him.

“Me too,” Moon said. “Here’s an orange Star. It will help keep up your energy,” Moon said as she handed it to her.

“Thanks, I need all the help I can get right now,” Star said.

Afraid to use the elevator the group headed down the spiral staircase to the main level. “I’m going to the hospital zone with Star, then I’ll meet you guys at the cave-in,” Talon said as they flew off the ledge.

Gener was waiting to greet them at the hospital zone when they landed. “Good morning,” he said as he approached them. “I must say, you look much better after a good night sleep,” he said shaking their hands.

“Thanks, I feel better. How many wounded are still here?” Star asked as she looked around the area.

“The three you had helped yesterday before you left, of course, and about 10 more with various injuries. We sent everyone home that were either healed or had minor injuries. If they don’t, heal by themselves, they will call upon you at your home.”

“Good, where do you want me to start?” Star asked.

“I think with the last three victims. They are the worst,” Gener said.

“I guess you have your work cut out for you here. I’ll see you at home when we are done tonight,” Talon said giving her a kiss. He knew what they had to do to fix the cave-in area and it wasn’t going to be an easy task. They would have to rely heavily on Torn’s super human strength.

He left Star and joined a group of helpers at the cave-in site. They were already discussing how to stabilize the area when he landed beside them. “I think we have to make sure there are no openings at the top. The last thing we need is a flood the next time it rains,” Torn said.

“I agree,” Talon said. “But how do we support this area so it doesn’t completely cave-in?”

“What if we fill it in,” one of the helpers suggested.

“With what?” Torn asked.

“Rocks, I’m sure you can find us some,” the helper replied.

“If we do that, then we would have to make sure it was sealed properly. That could take us weeks,” Talon said.

“Maybe not, I know where there are several elevators we can use. They’ll help cut our time in half,” the helper said.

“Where’s that?” Talon asked.

“In the empty warehouse in town. It used to be a parcel depot. They shut it down in a few years back during the last recession. Everything is still inside. If we put them end to end, we could move a lot of dirt fast. I’m sure there are generators at the ranches we could borrow,” he said scanning the faces in front of him.

“I can drive the transport if about 10 people can help lift them into the trailer,” another helper said.

“I’ll go, I can probably lift them by myself,” Torn said.

“Great idea, why don’t you two head out now. Moon take someone with you and find as many generators as you can,” Talon said. “Make sure when you bring them back you set them on the stable part of the Mesa. Take Crystal with you, she will be able to use her X-ray vision to direct you to a safe area.”

“We are going to need shovels and wheelbarrows,” Talon said. A few people volunteered to retrieve them. “Can anyone think of anything else we need?” he asked.

“Ya, I think we need Red, he can create water. We should also get Soron because he can dry whatever we make with his breath,” Cloud said.

“Okay, can you go get them?” Talon asked.

“Sure,” Cloud replied.

“One last thing I think we’ll need is straw,” Talon surmised.

“We’ll get some straw and met you up top,” a helper suggested looking for approval from his friend. When he nodded in agreement, they left to get straw from the surrounding ranches.

It was difficult trying to figure out what abilities would help them the most. So far Talon was doing an excellent job of organizing the volunteers. The few volunteers that remained made their way to the top of the mesa. Talon helped to direct traffic as items arrived. From on top of the mesa, Talon could see the transport truck quickly approaching. He figured that Torn could lift the elevators to the top without any help from them.

“Where would you like this?” Torn asked holding one of the elevators as if it only weighed a couple of pounds.

Crystal surveyed the ground with her x-ray vision. “Place the first one here.” Torn sat it easily down into position. There were six more still in the trailer. He quickly lifted each one putting them together in a line to form one long elevator.

Torn and Talon went back inside to make sure the entrance to the cave-in was filled in as much as possible. Torn was able to move the boulders into position. He placed the last one then stepped back as a group of builders spread a thick layer of stucco over it to help seal it. “That should do it,” he said.

“I hope so,” Talon said as they lifted off the edge and flew to the top of the mesa.

Volunteers started the generators and plugged in the elevators. Everyone cheered as they began rotating. Shovels were handed to each person. Talon noticed there were ten left over. “Moon, can you duplicate so we can use every shovel we have?”

Moon duplicated herself until there were the same amount of people for every shovel. They worked as fast as they could in the hot sun shovel full after shovel full made its way along the elevator into the opening below.

Crystal noticed a group of children playing with a parachute. They always enjoyed raising it into the air and then climbing under just to raise it again. Crystal flew down to them and asked them to fly with it above the mesa to provide them some shade. She knew they couldn’t do it all day, but if they took turns it will give them a break from the sun for a while.

She returned to her area and began shoveling as the kids maneuvered the parachute into position. She waved at them when it provided enough shade for everyone.

The volunteers noticed the difference right away as soon as they were shaded from the sun. They all took a second to wave to the children.

The children continued to circle holding the parachute in their hands. As one would get tired, another one took their place. They were able to keep the parachute in position for an hour. Slowly they lowered to the ground. “Thanks for your help,” Talon shouted out. “Can you come back after lunch and do it again?” he asked.

“Sure we’ll bring more help,” the tallest child in the group said. They all thought it was fun and were glad that they could build their strength for festival night which was fast approaching in two days.

Talon stopped to check the opening. Torn was there to move the elevator to the areas that needed to be filled in the most. “How are we doing?” Talon asked.

“I think that’s just about it,” Torn said changing the position of the elevator.

Once Talon saw the red dirt overflow the opening he raised this hand to his mouth, inserted two fingers and let out a loud whistle. Everyone turned to see what he wanted. They both waved their hands and yelled out, “no more.”

“Crystal I need you to check and make sure there aren’t any large openings,” Talon said as he approached her.

They both walked to the area at the end of the elevator. Carefully she scanned the ground and surrounding area. “Looks good to me,” she said wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“I think it would be a good idea for us to take a break inside out of the sun. We can have something to eat and drink and met back here in a half an hour,” Talon said. He watched as each person sat down their shovels and flew away. He was the last person back inside the cave. The cave always maintained a constant temperature sheltered from the hot sun and all types of weather.

The first place Talon went was to the hospital zone. He sat down beside Star, who was eating a sandwich. “Hi,” he said watching her carefully.

“Hi how’s everything going at the cave-in?” she asked him taking another bite.

“Good we have filled it in. A group has sealed in on the inside with the first coat and we are going to start sealing it on top after we take a break,” he said reaching for a sandwich.

Star could see he was covered in sweat. His shirt was soaking wet. “Here drink this,” she said handing him a glass of orange juice.

“How much longer do you think you’ll be here?” Talon asked her.

“I only have a few more people left. Two have broken arms and the third has a concussion. The worst ones have been healed. Then I told them I would help them clean up,” she said looking at the mess in front of her.

“Take your time,” Talon said not wanting her to over do it. “I think we’ll be about another two hours,” Talon said taking another drink of juice.

“I thought it would take you weeks to fix it,” Star said.

“Normally it would, but we used everyone’s abilities to hurry up the process,” Talon said as he stood up.

“Good thinking.”

“I better go, we need to get this done. See you later,” he said.

Talon made his way out of the cave and back to the top of the Mesa. He watched as the volunteers returned, landing near him. “It’s time to make the coating of stucco. Fill your wheelbarrows with a third of the way with dirt. Put your arm up when you’re done and Red will give you the proper amount of water,” Talon said as he walked, weaving his way among the different stations. “There is straw at each station to put into the mix. Mix it all up and when your done Torn will carry it away and dump them. Soron will then use his ability to dry the stucco. I”ll let you know when were done. Any questions?” Talon asked.

The directions were clear. Everyone began making their mixture. Hands were raised when they needed water. Talon made his way to Moon’s station. She had duplicated herself so she wouldn’t have to pair up with another volunteer. Her partner was an exact replica of herself. Talon stood between the two Moon’s not sure which one was the real one. “I think it’s time you decided to move out,” Talon said in a quiet voice so no one else could hear.

“I’m staying with my sister, I think it’s time you move out,” she said glaring at him. “Maybe I should ask Star what she wants.”

“Star’s not capable of making those kinds of decisions right now. Not until she’s stronger,” he said.

“Good then I’m staying until then,” Moon said lifting another shovel full of dirt into the wheelbarrow.

“No your not, you need to pack up your things and move out today,” he said. His face got redder the more they talked.

“By the way, I would like to know how come you were working outside the colony. Star told me you were working as a janitor when you rescued her. You know that’s not allowed.”

“That’s none of your business,” Talon said.

“I should report you to the elders,” Moon said with a smirk on her face. Finally, she had some dirt to hold over his head.

“Keep your voice down,” Talon said looking around to see if anyone heard her.

Day 29 – Wings Unfolded


It has been a long journey but I’m finished. I have written over 50,000 words one day ahead of schedule. The book is not done, I still need to add at least another chapter. It will take me a few days to write it, I think it’s time for a break before I finish it. I need to get another book published before Christmas, Band of Thieves. Thanks for following along and all the support from everyone reading Wings Unfolded as it became a reality. Here’s the next chapter:

Chapter 30

Crystal used her x-ray vision to check on the three people still trapped by the cave-in.

“How are they doing?” Talon asked.

“They’re still breathing, but they’re frail and barely moving,” Crystal replied.

“Then we better move fast,” Talon said as he moved some of the smaller rocks out of the way. Torn with his super human strength was able to pick up large boulders and place them into position. Everyone in the colony helped, in one way or another. Those that can cook, cooked for the helpers and the wounded. Some people helped at the cave-in site helping to uncover anyone trapped in the debris. Most people rotated in and out of these positions. Talon and Moon were the only two that hadn’t. They vowed to stay there and do what they could until everyone had been rescued. Some people helped with the wounded while others were used as runners, continually flying for supplies.

“Take this one next,” Talon said helping to direct Torn. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each piece had to fit precisely if this was going to work. Talon wasn’t a structural engineer, but he had a lot of experience with puzzles as a child. “No, turn it on his side,” Talon instructed Torn.

Torn rotated the massive boulder as if it was a child’s toy sliding it into position. “Perfect, I think this one will fit on top of it,” Talon said pointing to a smaller boulder. Torn lifted the boulder into the top rock. As he pushed it back, the cave began to crumble.

“Look out!” Talon shouted jumping out of the way as dirt and small rocks fell. He was worried that the entire thing would collapse at any time. “What’s happening in there?” he asked Crystal who has been keeping an eye on them.

“They look like they’re still okay. Some rocks have fallen on them, but they’re still breathing,” Crystal said.

Torn worked quickly assembling the support wall from the other side now. He left the longest boulder for the end. He would use that to connect the two walls allowing them enough room in the middle to work. “It’s not going to work,” Torn said as he began placing one of the top boulders. “I don’t have enough support for the final one.”

They stood back looking at the puzzle. “That one there,” Talon said pointing to a boulder. “If you take that one out and the one under it and put this one in first, I think it will work,” Talon said setting his hand on the one he wanted Torn to use.

“I think that’ll work,” Torn said as he reached up and removed two boulders from the wall. It would take twenty men to do what Torn has accomplished and he did it in a fraction of the time. He carefully placed them in the sequence Talon suggested. “Last one,” he said picking up the long rectangular shaped boulder.

“Easy,” Talon said as he watched him inch the boulder into position. When Torn lowered his arms, the final task began. Now they had to figure out how to make an opening large enough for the trapped people to crawl through without everything collapsing on top of them. They took a few moments to survey the situation.

“What if we start at the top?” Torn asked.

“I don’t think they would have the strength to climb up there,” Crystal replied.

“Let’s try in the middle,” Talons suggested. “Hopefully they can stand up to reach it.”

“I don’t think they can,” Crystal said watching them through the wall.

“Then we are going to have to go inside and help them out. Let’s start here,” Talon said pointing to an area on the wall of debris.

“Okay,” Torn said as he began to dig. They began removing rocks and dirt in an attempt to make a large opening but the more they dug, the more fell and filled it back in again.

“This isn’t working,” Talon said stepping back. “I think you’re right Torn. Our only choice is near the top.”

“They changed their position climbing up the debris to the top area. They used the support wall to brace their bodies as they dug. Working quickly they removed enough of the debris that they could see inside.

“It’s Talon,” he shouted out. “We’ll have you out of here real soon,” he said trying to give them hope. No one replied, they didn’t have enough strength. What he did hear was moaning and coughing. “We need to support the top of this before we dig any further,” Talon said. “We need a 2×8.”

“I’ll check the scrap pile,” Torn said. He left to rummage through the pile and find something suitable. This should work, he thought pulling out a five feet length of wood. It wasn’t exactly a 2×8 but rather a slice of hardwood from an oak tree. He flew back to the cave-in with the board in his hands. “Here,” he said lifting the board up to Talon.

Talon had already made a crevice on both sides to hold the board. He held it up to measure the size. Just a bit more, he thought setting the board down. He dug out a few more inches and slipped the board into position. With renewed hope, they enlarged the hole until it was big enough for them to crawl through.

They entered the area, Torn picked up the first person and lifted him to the opening. “Moon duplicate yourself so you have help pulling them through,” he said. He laid the person on their back so the duplicated Moon’s could grab him and pull him to safety. People were waiting with stretchers to take them away as soon as they were free. Torn removed the rocks from the second person then lifted them with ease into the opening. Several Moon’s were waiting to pull them the rest of the way through to safety.

“One left,” Talon said as he cleaned the debris from their body. Torn lifted the last person placing them in the opening. When the he was finally safe, they gave each other a fist bump and made their way out. The first person to appear was Talon he slowly began to slide down the debris when he heard the noise. He turned around just in time to see the hole fill up with debris. The top of the cave had collapsed on Torn. He climbed back to the top where the opening used to be. “Torn, Torn!” he shouted at the top of his voice. “Torn can you hear me!” he shouted again.

“Ya, what are you yelling for,” Torn said behind him. He turned his head to see his friend standing there with his hands on his hips. “I thought you were trapped.”

“I was for about a second, then I moved the boulders and climbed out of the top. It was a quick flight back here,” he said laughing. “Did you think a few rocks would stop me?”

“I guess not,” Talon said. He watched as the last survivor was flown to the hospital area on a stretcher. The last forty-eight hours had taken a toll on Talon, but he still had a little left. “I’m going to check on Star,” he said before he flew away.

“I’m coming too,” Moon said following him to the hospital zone.

Most of the injured were gone. Only a handful remained including the last three that were rescued. Talon had no trouble this time finding Star. “How are you holding up?” Talon said as he approached her.

Star looked up to see Talon and Moon covered in red dirt. “You two look like you’ve been playing in the mud,” she said laughing at the sight of them.

“I feel like it,” Moon said sitting down in the dirt.

“I’m tired,” Star said sitting beside Moon.

“Exhausted is more like it,” Moon said.

“I have to get back, three people still need my help,” Star said raising to her feet. She stumbled as she walked away. Talon ran to her side to steady her. “Are you sure you’re up for this?” he asked her.

“I have to, they’ll die without my help,” she said.

Gener overheard them talking and walked towards them. “Star I think you’ve done plenty here. Is there something you can do just to make them stable?

“Yes,” she replied.

“Please just do that, then I think you need to go home and rest. You’ll need your strength to completely heal them.”

Star agreed with Gener, she would be happy to have a shower and fall into bed. She spent some time with the last three survivors making sure that their breathing and heartbeats were strong enough to leave them.

“We will contact you if their condition changes. Now go home and get some rest,” Gener demanded.

“I have to get my things from your place,” Moon said as they walked away from the hospital zone.

“Stay with us for a bit longer. Until all this settles down,” Star said. Talon had other thoughts about Moon but for now he was too tired to argue with her. The three of them flew home showered and collapsed in their rooms. They didn’t even have the strength to eat anything.

Talon gave Star a kiss. He put his arm around her waist and laid his head beside hers falling asleep within seconds.

Day 28 – Wings Unfolded


I’m almost done, 1552 words to go to reach my goal of 50,000 words in 30 days. Here you go enjoy:

Chapter 29

“I can’t hold it much longer,” North said. Sweat dripped from his face as he used every ounce of strength he had. He tried to hold on to the boulder before it fell. “It’s slipping!” he yelled out. Talon rushed to his side helping to guide the boulder to safety. The weight became unbearable Talon and North couldn’t hold it any longer. They let go and the boulder crashed to the ground stopping on top of North’s leg.

North yelled out in pain. Talon tried to move the boulder but couldn’t. Moon rushed over to help him, together they tried, but it wouldn’t budge. “Try duplicating,” Talon suggested. Moon duplicated several times. With the help of multiple Moon’s they were able to move the boulder eventually releasing North’s pinned leg.

“Let me look at it,” Talon said lifting up his pant leg. He noticed right away that it was broken by the protruding piece of bone. “It’s broken. We have to get him out of here,” Talon said. “You grab one side and I’ll take the other.” Together Moon and Talon raised North supporting him with their shoulders, they moved him to a safer place along with the other wounded. “Sorry buddy, but I have to leave you here,” Talon said as he helped North down into a sitting position.

Moon and Talon headed back into the cave-in. They were covered in red dirt, thirsty and exhausted, but there were still people buried alive. They weren’t going to stop until each person was rescued. “We need more people,” Talons said as he began digging with his hands.

“I can help with that,” Moon said duplicating herself several times.

Crystal scanned the rubble using her x-ray vision to find the victims. According to her, there were just four more trapped. Talon and North were working on one of them while the group tried to figure out how to get the other three out. They were trapped behind a wall of rubble that cut off their air supply. The oxygen level decreased with each breath of air they took. If they tried to dig them out, the wall would become unstable and more of the cave would collapse. “We can’t just leave them in there. They are going to die if we don’t hurry,” Crystal said in a hysterical voice.

“I got an idea!” Talon shouted out to them as he worked to uncovered one of the victims. “You should be able to get him out now,” Talon said to Moon. Talon quickly stood up and faced the group. “What if Crystal and I go on top and try to find them through the top of the mesa. Once we locate them, I can drill through the surface to give them an air hole,” he said searching their faces for an answer.

“What if it’s unstable and the entire top of the cave collapses?” a helper said.

“It’s a chance we’re going to have to take. Right now they have about twenty minutes left of air. There’s no way we can support the top of the cave in time to be able to make a hole large enough for them to crawl through. They need air before they die and we are wasting time standing here talking about it,” Talon said pleading his case.

“Fine, what supplies do you need?” the helper said.

“A drill with a two foot bit,” Talon said.

“They have one on the ranch, but it would take too long to go there and back,” another helper said.

“It’s at my place,” someone yelled out. “Follow me.” Talon and Crystal followed him to his home. He quickly retrieved the drill for them and they made their way outside to the top of the mesa.

“Okay Crystal do your thing,” Talon called out as they flew close to the surface.

Crystal scanned through the ground recognizing structures below trying to find her sense of direction. “I see them, they’re right below us,” she said circling the area.

“Do you think it’s safe to land?” he asked her.

“No, the surface is only about a foot thick. I don’t think it can hold our weight,” Crystal replied.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” Talon said. He found a spot where he wanted to try first. Holding the drill against the ground, he asked, “how’s this?”

“That should work,” she said continuing to circle above afraid that if she landed the entire cave would collapse.

Talon pulled the trigger on the drill trying to apply only slight pressure. He wasn’t a hummingbird and found it difficult to try to balance himself in the air like one. He flapped his wings just fast enough to keep himself airborne without taking off. Talon could tell the bit was digging into the ground as the excess dirt flowed out of the hole.

“You’re almost there,” Crystal said. She could see the end of the drill bit with her x-ray vision.

“Go real slow now,” she said.

Talon was having trouble hovering above the drill. Each time he flapped his wings his body wanted to propel itself forward. Talon hands shook on the drill as he tried to steady it. He used all his strength to steady his body as the drill bit broke through the surface and dirt fell from the opening. He pulled the drill up and allowed his body to fly forward joining Crystal circling above.

“Are they okay?” Talon asked.

“It looks like it, I can see them moving now.” Talon and Crystal returned to the cave. That was only the first part of saving them, at least for now they could breathe. The second part was going to be much harder.

“Are they still alive?” someone asked Crystal when they returned.

“Yes, they are fine for now. Talon was able to drill an air hole for them,” Crystal said.

“I don’t know where we are going to find the supplies we need to support the top of the cave,” Cloud said. “We don’t have a supply of lumber and I know for a fact there’s nothing extra on any of the ranches. Just like in Ontario with farms surrounding the cave, the cave in New Mexico is surrounded by ranches owned by the colony to help protect them and provide food.

“Were’s Torn?” Talon asked looking around at the crowd of people. Talon figured he could help with his super strength.

“He’s injured, they took him away,” Cloud said.

“We need his super strength. With his help, he can move the boulders into position, building a wall for support. Do you know where they took him?” Talon asked.

“I can show you,” Cloud said. They moved to the edge and flew away with Cloud leading the way. They landed beside an open area currently being used as a hospital zone.

“Torn!” Talon called out.

“Over here,” Torn said waving his good arm in the air.

Talon and Cloud weaved in between the injured until they reached him. “What happened?” Talon asked looking at the large gash on his arm.

“One of the boulders slipped. It was sharp enough to cut me open and severed a tendon,” Torn said.

“Ouch,” Cloud said looking at his injury.

“We need your help. There are three people still trapped and we have to make a support wall before we can dig them out,” Talon said as his eyes surveyed the injured.

“I’m not sure I’m much help in this shape,” Torn said looking at his arm.

“We need Star, have you seen her?” Talon asked.

“I think she’s over there,” Torn said pointing towards a small group of people.

“I’ll be right back, stay here with him,” Talon said as he left to find Star. “Star, Star,” he called out hoping to find her. “Star,” he called out again when he reached the group. They turned to face him, but Star wasn’t there. “Have you seen Star?” he asked them.

“Yes she’s right there,” a young man said pointing at her laying on the ground.

Talon saw Star lying on the ground and rushed to her side, “Star, what’s wrong?” He was afraid she had used her ability to heal more than she should have and she fell unconscious again.

“Nothing, stop worrying,” Star said as she opened her eyes and sat up. “They had me lay down for a bit to build up my strength. What’s wrong?”

“We need your help. There’s still three people trapped, but we can’t get them out without Torn’s help, but he’s injured. Would you be able to heal him?” Talon asked wiping the dirt from his forehead.

“I think so, where is he?” Star replied.

“He’s over here,” Talon said leading the way to Torn.

“Hi,” Star said as she reached his side. “That looks nasty,” she said placing his arm in her hands.

“It sure does,” he said. Torn watched in amazement as the wound began closing. Slowly the opening healed starting at one end moving to the other repairing the torn tendon as it went. When Star was done there wasn’t even a scar.

“That looks like brand new now,” he said waving his arm around trying it out. “Thanks.”

“Thanks, babe,” Talon said giving Star a kiss before they left.

Torn whistled, “will you look at that, Talon has himself a girlfriend.”

“Grow up,” Talon said as his cheeks turned red.

Star wound her way between the people making her way back. It was time for her to continue healing the injured as the three of them made their way back to the cave-in area to rescue the last three people still trapped.

Day 27 – Wings Unfolded


Calm down Mr. T NaNoWriMo is almost over, just three days to go. Today I wrote 1,701 words, I only have 3,163 left to go. Finish line here I come! Thanks for all the kind words I received along the way from everyone reading my story. I better not keep you waiting, here’s the next Chapter:

Chapter 28

Star was enjoying her first meal in the kitchen with Talon when they heard a siren wailing in the distance. “What’s that?” Star asked.

“It means there’s been a cave-in!” Talon said rising from the table. Star quickly rose too. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“They may need my help,” she said following him to the elevator.

“Are you sure you’re strong enough?” he said as the door closed and the elevator descended to the main floor.

“I have to be,” Star said watching the door panel and noticing no change. “Are we moving?” she asked looking towards Talon.

“I don’t think so. It’s stopped,” Talon said frantically pushing buttons on the panel. He stuck his hands between the rubber seal on the doors and tried to separate them. Frantically he tried again able to open them only a fraction of an inch. “Wit looks like we’re stuck between floors,” he said looking at the wall in front of him. He searched for another way out.

“There’s a hatch in the ceiling,” Star said pointing to the ceiling. Talon was tall enough with his long reach to slide the lid to one side. Searching through the opening, neither of them could see anything but darkness.

“Hang on it’s about to get dark in here,” Talon said raising his arms. The elevator shaft filled with light while the elevator itself changed to darkness except for the stream of light from above. “I’m going up there,” Talon said grasping the edges of the opening with his fingers. He struggled to rise above it. Once his head and shoulders were through, he rested using his arms to steady himself in the hole. Star reached out and held the bottom of his feet. “That’s it, push,” he said as he pulled himself up with his arms. He was finally high enough to set his right knee on the edge allowing him to stand on the top of the elevator.

“What do you see?” Star asked him.

“Not much, it looks like we stopped between the second and main floor. I’m going to try to open the doors. Talon easily reached for the ladder on the face of the wall that spanned the elevator shaft from top to bottom. He looked down through the narrow opening between the ladder and the elevator knowing there was no way they would fit through there. I guess the only way is up, he thought as climbed the ladder. It was a short climb up as he positioned himself parallel to the doors. Talon hooked his leg around the ladder so he wouldn’t fall aware that he wouldn’t be much help if he fell and hurt himself. With his long stance, he was able to reach the middle of the doors. His legs began to shake under the strain of holding his body at such a weird angle. These doors were much easier to open or it was his adrenaline pumping at great speeds, but with one pull he managed to slide the doors all the way open to reveal the second floor.

Star cheered from below when she saw the opening. She watched as Talon climbed back into the elevator. “Here step into my hands,” Talon said cupping his hands in front of him. Star raised a foot into his hands.” I’m going to lift you so you can grab the edge. Now!” he yelled as he lifted her into the air. Star grabbed the edge of the opening. “Now step on my shoulders,” he said trying to steady her weight. Once she had contact with both of his shoulders, he inched his way to the center of the opening. “Set your knee on the edge. You should be able to pull yourself up using the bar on the roof of the elevator. Star saw the bar and used that to pull herself up onto the roof. “Good girl,” he said.

“How are you going to get up here?” she asked not wanting to leave him behind.

Talon thought for a minute then said, “hand me the lid.” Star picked up the lid slid it through the opening and handed it to Talon. He leaned it against the wall. Stepping on the top of it gave him and extra foot and a half of reach. He quickly reached through the opening pulling himself up with his strong arms laying his upper body on the top of the elevator. Star grabbed one of his arms as he pulled himself all the way through. “It’s a lot easier from here,” he said watching Star, hoping this wasn’t too straining for her.

“Stop looking at me like that, I’m okay,” she said helping him stand up. “Honestly, it’s about time I did something else besides lying around.

Talon figured he didn’t have time to argue with her. “I’ll go first so I can help you through the doorway,” Talon said reaching out for the ladder. Star watched as Talon climbed the ladder and swung himself into the opening. He picked himself up and turned towards her, “Okay now it’s your turn.” Star had no trouble reaching the ladder. She climbed until she was parallel to him. “This is the hard part,” he said. “I need you to take a leap of faith and jump towards me.” Star nervously looked below figuring where she would land if this didn’t work. “Jump Star, now!” Star closed her eyes and pushed herself away from the ladder as far as she could. She could feel Talon grasp as he grabbed her waist with one arm tucking her into himself and they fell safely onto the floor. They laid there for a second in each others arms, glad they got out. Hearing the sound of the siren again, they realized this was only part of what they were going to experience today. Talon quickly stood up and helped Star to her feet. They rushed to the staircase and onto the overhang.

“Over there,” Star said pointing in the direction of a lot of commotion. They flew from the overhang to a safe area just outside the cave-in. They watched in horror as people were being dragged from inside and laid in rows. Their bodies covered with red soil. Others were frantically pulling rocks and dirt out with their bare hands without regard for their own safety, unearthing more people as they made their way deeper into the opening. North and Moon worked as fast as they could searching for survivors. Talon rushed to join them as Moon struggled with a large rock.

“Here, let me help,” Talon said. Between the two of them they were able to move the large rock letting it slide down to the surface. “Watch out,” Talon called out to the people below. Moon was working so hard to free the people she never noticed that Talon had brought Star with him. Talon struggled to see within the cave-in. He raised his arms and changed the darkness into light allowing everyone to see easier.

“I’m glad you’re here,” one the helpers said as Star began examining the wounded. “I had them place the worst victims over there,” she said pointing to another area. “These ones, from what I can see, only have broken bones.” Victims squirmed and moaned out in pain.

Star rushed to help the most severe first. There were three in total covered in red dirt. They laid on the flat surface without movement. Kneeling beside the first person, she checked for a pulse. It was faint, but at least they were still alive. She placed her hands on their chest allowing her energy to flow from her into their body. She couldn’t use up all her ability on just one person she would have to use it sparingly. Star stopped when she saw they were out of danger. The person’s breathing was better and their pulse rate was increased. As Star worked on the next two, the rest of the wounded were being transported to a safe area.